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BluMetrix Fit3d Proscanner.


Fit3d Body Scans

Have you ever wanted a full-on assessment of your body? Are their questions about your health and wellness that just aren’t being answered like you want them to? It is a natural thing for health-minded people to want to know as much about their health and wellness as they possibly can. While a trip to the doctor can certainly give you plenty of information, sometimes you want something that’s both more focused and more holistic. With this in mind, BluMetrix offers a complete 3D body scan analysis by the Fit3D Proscanner. This technology makes it possible for Blu Fitness to provide patrons with precise body measurements and readings in just 40 seconds. With the Fit3D Proscanner, BluMetrix can help you learn more about your body, your health, and overall wellness than ever before!

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Posture Analysis

The Proscanner analyses your posture and provides you with an understanding of all the ``shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body.`` This info can help you identify tension, soreness, and pain from poor posture as well as act as a baseline for posture improvement.


100+ Measurements:

In addition to a full-scale 3D image of your body, the Proscanner also offers hundreds of useful measurements. These include circumference, lengths, widths, surface areas, heights, and volumes that help round out your 3D image even more.


Body Shape Wellness Scoring

Do you know how mass is distributed within your body? Are you carrying more mass around your midsection? The Fit3D Proscanner returns a rating that helps you understand your health based solely on where mass is within the body. This means that if you are carrying more mass around your midsection, thighs, behind, or elsewhere, you now have concrete reading to help you know how to lose and redistribute mass into a more healthful configuration.



Body scans and measurements are private. You can choose who will see your images. If you decide to invite your coach/trainer to your account then you can decide if you want them to see your measurements only, with no scans, or allow them to see your images as well.


3D Body Scans

One of the most interesting bits of the Fit3D Proscanner is that it allows users to obtain a full 3D image of their body in under a minute. The 40-second scan returns this complete image giving users more depth and understanding than a simple X-Ray ever could! with this information, you can understand your body on a much deeper level because you'll see problem areas as well as improvement over time.



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