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Experience the BluMetrix Training System

BLU Fitness is a boutique style personal training facility located in East Downtown Houston. Our facility is equipped with our Fit 3D Body Scan, BLU Matrix heart rate monitoring system and our BLU Fitness App.

Our workouts are designed for efficiency. We combine weight training and cardio and alternate bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods to keep the heart-rate elevated throughout the workout. The interval and strength combinations are proven to Build a Leaner U!

Conveniently located.

Our air-conditioned facility is conveniently located in EaDo just minutes away from central downtown Houston.

Premium Amenities.

With your membership you will receive access to free towels, coffee, showers & more!

what we offer

Personal Training

Having a plan is good. Our personal training programs are tailored specifically to your needs.

Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation!

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what we do

Gym Memberships

We only have a limited number of memberships available so you never have to worry about a crowded gym.

Enjoy a workout on your own or join in to one of our many group classes!

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